"The most exciting thing about real estate is finding the right property for the right buyer", says Lynn Graves, broker and owner of Sun Country Realty in Roswell, NM


    As an independent broker for over twenty years, Graves prefers an individual approach to real estate, consulting with his clients to pinpoint their specific requirements, then discovering a way to make their dreams come true.  "What I like to do is find out exactly what a person wants, what they need, and finally, what they can afford.  Then I focus on what we can do to make all those things come together in a property that works for them."


   Born and raised on the Graves Farm in Roswell, Graves pits his familiarity with the area into providing clients with the tools necessary to making an informed and comfortable choice of lifestyle, business, or investment.  "I've been here all my life", he says.  "I know every aspect of Chaves County, every country lane, every area and neighborhood, good, bad or indifferent.


    Graves, with a background in farming, a college degree in animal sciences, and a long-time commitment to the East Grand Plains Volunteer Fire Department, believes in giving to the community.  He's served as a member of the Elks Club for 30 years, the Chamber of Commerce, and is past president of the Roswell Red Coats, the branch of the Chamber that welcomes all new businesses to the area.


    Community awareness touches all aspects of Sun Country Realty's approach to real estate in Chaves County.  Graves takes values, wants, needs, and economics into consideration at all times.  "We have an up and down economy as oil and gas fluctuates, but the basis here is in agriculture; that's always stable.  We have a steady, slow growth in this area and that's attractive and comfortable in the long haul."


    Unlike many realtors, Graves prefers to keep his listings small. "I like to list a few, sell those, then list some new ones.  I don't like to have more than I can personally give my full attention to at one time.  I'm not in this for the money - I'm in real estate for adventure of making the deal.  It makes me feel great to see a person connect with a dream."


    To help those selling their property connect with those dreaming of one, Graves focuses his advertising to primarily local sources, employing the resources of the Roswell Daily Record, the Homes and Land brochures provided by the New Mexico Real Estate Association, the Real Estate Channel on the Cable One Network, and the Internet.


    "A cup of coffee and a friendly chat is probably the best tool I use in my business", Graves says.  So if you're looking for a personal approach in selling your current property or have the dream of a perfect new location, you can call Sun Country Realty at 623-4646 and ask for Lynn.

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